Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computers and other digital technology had a major impact on our lives over the past few decades. Modern technology has made us more efficient and has improved many areas of our lives. While there are a range of advantages that come with computers, there are some disadvantages as well. When it comes to your eye care, one disadvantage of using a computer daily is that you could develop computer vision syndrome. If you have the symptoms of this syndrome, schedule an appointment with our optometrists at Northern Avenue Eye Care in Phoenix, AZ, as soon as possible for treatment.

Strain and Discomfort in Your Eyes
If you are beginning to notice that you are feeling strain and discomfort in your eyes, you could be struggling with computer vision syndrome. Those that end up spending too much time staring at a computer will start to feel their eyes getting dry and tired. This condition will continue to get worse the longer you stare at the screen without taking breaks. Our eye doctor can provide you with a variety of tips that can help alleviate this strain.

Full Body Pain
While computer vision syndrome will first impact your eyes, it can quickly cause discomfort in other areas of your body as well. Without proper computer vision treatment, you can suffer from painful headaches, neck or shoulder pain or strain, or blurry vision. All of these issues will continue to get worse as time goes by without getting any support from an optometrist.

Contact Us For An Evaluation And Eye Care Treatment
If you think that you are struggling with computer vision syndrome, you should come in to see our optometrists as soon as you can. We will examine your eyes and vision to determine if you have this syndrome and provide treatment to help reduce the symptoms. Call Northern Avenue Eye Care in Phoenix, AZ, at 602-995-8848 to make an appointment.

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