Choose your perfect glasses

The most important thing when choosing new glasses is, of course, that they fit perfectly and that you like them. If your glasses look good on you, you feel confident and you're happy to wear them. No matter if you choose round, bright-green glasses or square or oval pink ones: if you like your glasses, they're right for you! Haven't got a clue what looks good on you or want something different for a change? Read our tips on colors and shapes that look great on your face. Have fun choosing your perfect glasses!


Warm color
type Do you tan easily, don't get sunburned quickly, and have a skin with yellowish undertones? This means you are a warm color type! Warm, vivid colors in your glasses look best on you, such as deep red, brown, warm shades of blue, peach, army green, and dark green. If you have a dark skin color, metal frames look really good on you, but so do bright colors!

Cool color type
If you have pink, pale, or olive undertones in your skin, you are a cool color type. Cool color types look best wearing cool colors, like gray blue, metallic, dark purple, gray green, and soft pink.


• Is your hair brown or dark blond? Frames with dark and warm colors really flatter you. They give you a warm look.
• Very blond hair goes best with light-color frames, shades of gray, blue gray, and pastels.
• Are you the owner of a beautiful red head of hair? A green or dark-brown frame will look smashing on you!
• If your hair is black, go for colors that really stand out, but frames with black or brown spots are spot on too!


Are you looking for glasses that stand out? Go for a color that is the opposite of the color of your eyes. Blue eyes go very well with a frame in shades of brown and copper. Do you have brown eyes? Knock yourself out with purple, red, or bright blue. Blue, purple, and red frames go really well with gray eyes, and eggplant-colored, deep-red or warm-brown frames really make green eyes stand out.

Prefer the more natural look? For a more subtle look, choose a frame that matches the color of your eyes; this goes for all eye colors. Brown glasses will give you a natural look if you have brown eyes, and glasses in shades of blue will make blue eyes shine all the brighter.


Round face
If you have a round face, you have a soft jawline and round hairline. Your forehead is a little wider than your jaw, and your face is about as wide as it is long. Square frames look best on you. Round ones, on the other hand, are best to be avoided.

Square face
If you have a wide forehead and a fairly square jaw and pronounced cheekbones, you have a square face. Round and oval glasses look really good on you! Best steer clear of square, angular frames.

Heart-shaped face
A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a significantly narrower chin. Is this you? Broad and angular frames or aviator spectacles look really cool on you!

Rectangular face
Do you have a long face and is your forehead about as wide as your cheekbones and jaw? Then you have a rectangular face. This shape combines really well with glasses with round lines.

Oval face
An oval face is a long face with high cheekbones and a jaw that is narrower than the forehead. Is this you? Congratulations: all shapes of glasses look good on you!