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Optometry is a very special field and that does help millions of people to have eyes that can see well, that are healthy, and that are also comfortable. Your eye health is very important, you have probably heard that eyes are the windows to the soul but they are also important in terms of your being able to function every day and live your life.

Why Get Your Eyes Checked?

It is crucial to make sure that your eyes are healthy every step of the way. Your eye health can make a big difference in your lifestyle and routine. Caring for your eyes is a must and having regular eye exams is one of the best ways to make sure that you can see clearly and that your eyes are truly healthy. Eye exams are not just for glasses and contact prescriptions.

Regular eye exams can catch other health issues like glaucoma, cataracts, as well as other diseases that may manifest with eye issues. Some eye health issues have hidden or undetectable symptoms that can only be reliably caught with regular eye exams with a professional optometrist. Your eyes are a very important part of your daily life and making sure that they are healthy, that they are in great shape, and that you can see well is essential.

What Does an Eye Exam Entail?

An eye exam is a check that helps to make sure that if there are issues with your eyes that they are cared for before it becomes too serious. An eye exam will check the pressure of your eye, how well you see, it will also check the health of the lens, the health of the cornea, and the health of the eye as a whole.

You may also get an exam to find out if you need a prescription, if you have eye health problems, or if you need further eye care. At Northern Avenue Eye Care in Phoenix Dr. Robert J Clanton and Dr. Gary Baron provide comprehensive exams to make sure that they can detect any problems that may exist in your eyes and to make sure to prevent or solve them.

Why Choose Northern Avenue Eye Care?

For those looking for a great optometrist, Northern Avenue Eye Care has a fantastic practice in the Phoenix area that can help you to get the best eye care possible. We offer a huge range of treatments, services and can help you get the vision and the eye health that you have always wanted. Your eyes are very important and your eye health can affect other aspects of your life.

With the right optometry care you can get healthy eyes that can see well and that feel great. Contact us today to set up a consultation and to find out what care might be right for you.  


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  • Dr.
    Robert J. Clanton

    Dr. Clanton is originally from Kansas and received his optometry degree from the University of Houston College of Optometry.  He has been in private practice in Arizona since 1994.

  • Dr.
    Gary Baron

    Dr. Gary Baron is an optometrist who has been practicing all over the valley for over 13 years.  Dr. Baron grew up in Phoenix and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona in 1996 with a minor in Chemistry and major in Microbiology and Immunology.

  • Emmett

    Office Manager

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    Retail Manager

  • Taryn

    Receptionist & OD Tech

  • Nevada

    Eyewear Specialist & OD Tech

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Very professional. Great in being informative on eye exams as you go along. Very friendly staff. For it being in such a peculiar place as a business just shows there Heart is in the right place. As I was there the receptionist attended a client who came in of elderly age claiming that she had sat on her frames and broke them.
    The receptionist attended the elderly very welcoming and heart warmingly without any hesitation far exceeding the boundaries of any physical disparity of today's society that holds judgment at first glance in there appearance. She assisted without the hassleing questions of no can do. Free of charge, Had her frames fixed and on her way happily and most greatful. I had a well experience and recommend others to stop by and say Hi and have your eye exams up to date at a reasonable price."
    Francisco T
  • "I found this office on Google and I am so grateful! The office staff and doctors are friendly and helpful. Emmett's knowledge and efficiency made my visit enjoyable. I will definitely recommend this office!"
    Angelica F.
  • "Everyone was very friendly and pleasant I had no issues if they offer you something extra and you say no their still very friendly and not angry cause you didn’t take it, i will be back and also yell my family. The doctor was very nice and very informative."
    Lucy L.
  • "Have been happily using Northern Ave Eye Care for years for my eye health and vision needs. Am absolutely delighted to find Dr Clanton here now! He was my mother in law's Dr for years in his previous location. I was impressed with his caring and competence then. I'm so happy he's my eye doctor now! And the staff is still friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."
    Ana S.
  • "Everyone from the woman who checked my Granddaughter in, to the doctor and the woman who discussed what would be best for lens was very welcoming and knowledgeable. I will be going there for my own eye exam when I finally give up and admit I need real glasses. Not just the cheaters you can buy at the dollar store. I recommend this business for anyone who needs glasses, contacts or prescription sunglasses."
    Joidan L.
  • "This was the best eye Care center I have ever visited! The Dr was great and funny, the staff was EXCEPTIONAL I didn't want to leave after I was all finished I wanted to stay and hang out. The selection wasn't that large but I will continue to come back! I love the people!"
    Krystal R.